Payment of Freight Charges



  1. Freight Charges must be prepaid, unless prior arrangements have been concluded accordance with the following provision:


      1. Prepaid Freight and Prepayment of Freight:
      2. When freight or charges are prepaid, Bill of Lading must not be issued except upon payment of such freight of charges in U.S. Dollars or in foreign currency based on the highest (numerical) Telegraphic Transfer Selling Rate of Exchange for U.S. Dollars pursuant to Rule 3.

      3. Collect Freight:
      4. Collect freight and charges must be paid to the carrier prior to the release of cargo at the terminal ports of discharge.


      5. Freight Charges must be paid to the carrier prior to release of the cargo, unless prior arrangement to the contrary has been made with the carrier.

      7. Freight Charges and all other charges must be prepaid on shipments of:
        1. Household Goods
        2. Personal Effects
        3. Privately owned Motor Vehicles
        4. Refused/Returned Shipments


      1. In the event Consignee or his agent refuses to pay freight and other charges, and merchandise remains undeliverable thereby, Shipper guarantees and remains liable for full payment of freight and other charges, together with any expense incurred while awaiting deposition of the cargo.


  1. Ocean Freight and other Tariff charges are due and completely earned upon receipt of cargo by the carrier, ship and/or lost or not lost.

  3. Currency Clause:
  4. Rates and Charges are quoted in United States of America Currency and have been determined with due consideration to the relationship of U.S. currency to ot6her currencies involved. In the event of any material change of this relationship, the carrier reserves the right upon publication if in conformity with the provisions of the United States Shipping Act of 1984 as well as the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998 as amended, to adjust the rates and charges as required to remove any adverse effect.


  5. Freight and Charges on collect shipments shall be paid for prior to the delivery of the delivery of the cargo.


  7. Prepayment of freight monies and charges at destination , must be made in full for the complete original Bill of Lading quantity prior to the release of any original Bill of Lading by the carrier to the shipper or his duly authorized licensed Freight Forwarder of his agent.


  9. Disbursements Clause:

In case the shipper instructs the carrier to collect on his behalf any amount, besides the applicable freight and charges under the bill of lading, the carrier shall do so in form of a Disbursement under said bill of lading.

In such case the carrier shall not facilitate the release of the cargo to the consignee or their authorized agents unless the disbursement amount has been paid in full.

The carrier shall collect in addition to the specified Disbursement Amount a Collection Fee of 10% of the Disbursement Amount.



(effective: 01/01/1999)