Ocean Navigator Express Line Ltd. (ONE LINE)                         

  3rd Revision

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from: Tariff Origin Scope
    to: Tariff Destination Scope

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  2nd Revision

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Title Page


Issue Date:
  3rd, 2014


T I T L E  P A G E

Effective: January 29th 1991,   Through:                                             ,  Expires:                                            ,   Published: January 29th 1991,    Amended by: WHS




7007-8 West Wing Asia Terminals Centre A
Berth 3, Kwai Chung Container Terminal
Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2439-3868

Fax: +852 3112-3868
eMail: ryanchiu@cargofe.com
Web Site: www.cargofe.com

U.S. Agent of Service:
International Transport Management Corp.
15 Main Street,Unit 951

Flemington, NJ 08822
Telephone: +1 (201) 757-0098
eMail: itm@itm-corp.com
Web Site: www.itm-corp.com

OTI License No.:
OTI Bond No.: 91053, effective: January 29th, 1991
amended: September 1st, 2009
Organization No.: 009738

International Carrier Bond No.: 991024576, effective: January 16th, 2010
Tariff No.: FMC001


Terms and Conditions

Access to Tariff

Ad Valorem Rates

Application of Rates and Charges

Automobile Rates

Bill of Lading

Certification of Shipper

Co-Loading in Foreign Commerce



Disposition of Fractions


Extra Length

Force Majeure

Free Time and Demurrage

Green Salted Hides

Freight Forwarding Compensation

Hazardous Cargo

Heavy Lift

Loyalty Contracts

Military Cargo

Minimum Bill of Lading Charge

Minimum Quantity Rates

 NVOCC Negotiated Rate Arrangement” or “NRA"

NVOCCs in Foreign Commerce (Licensing, Bonding and Agent for Process)

Open Rates

Overcharge Claims

Packaging Requirements

Payment of Freight and Charges

Project Rates

Rate Applicability Rule

Return Cargo


Seasonal Discontinuance

Shipper’s Load and Count

Shipper’s Requests and Complaints

Submission of Cargo Declaration Data

Terminal Rules

Terminal Tariffs

Time Volume Rates

Transshipment Service

Use of Carrier Equipment

Rates, Arbitraries, and Surcharges

Current Rates

Expired Rates


Project Rates


Time/Volume Rates

Add/Publish Rates, Arbitraries, and Surcharges